Bodies of ELCI - Chiesa Evangelica Luterana in Italia

Bodies of ELCI

The Synod

The Synod of the ELCI, has a legislative period of four years, and it is the sovereign body of the ELCI, which discusses and decides on all matters of ecclesial life. The duties are defined in Article 18 in the Constitution of ELCI. The Synod provides voting rights for the following members:

  • Two representatives from each community in accordance with their statutes (with the exception of communities with at least 200 and not more than 400 members with voting rights, which may designate three, and those with more than 400 members with voting rights can designate four)
  • Pastors or Leaders in charge of church service at a pastoral office, recognized by the Synod
  • Additional members, for a maximum of four proposed by the consistory or at least five members of the Synod (with a mandate expiring at the same time that the mandate of the Synod who appointed them)
  • Representatives of the works recognized by the Synod

Also part of it, but without the right to vote, the chairperson of the Board of Auditors, the Board of Mediators and the Technical and Financial Commissions.  The Presidency of the Synod led by the President and Vice-President, whose duties and responsibilities are described in Art. 20. of the Statute of the ELCI. They are elected for four years, with the possibility of re-election.

President of the Synod
Wolfgang Prader
Vice-President of the Synod
Ingrid Pfrommer


The Dean, as chief pastor, heads the ELCI. He represents the Church as a whole. He’s elected by the Synod. His office lasts four years and he can be elected again.

Heiner A. Bludau 


The consistory has, as governing body, the responsibility for the ongoing business and administration of the ELCI. Its duties are in Article 22. of the Statute of the ELCI. The President of the Consistory is the Dean (priest), the next seat is the Vice-Dean (priest) and three lay members are elected from the circle of vice president and financial officer. The mandate of the Consistory is for four years: re-election is possible. The current Consistory:

Kirsten Thiele
Finance Officer
Sig. Jens Ferstl
Concillor of the Consistory
Sig.ra Christine Fettig
Legal Representative
Sig.ra Cordelia Vitiello

Other Organs

 At the head of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Italy there are also the Audit Committee, the Arbitration Committee, the Arbitration Committee in Faith and Doctrine Issues, and a number of permanent organs such as the Conference of Pastors, the Treasurer Conference, and the Finance Committee. (The exact functions of these bodies are given in the status of the articles devoted to them)