Social Projects - Chiesa Evangelica Luterana in Italia

Social Projects

Evangelical Lutheran Community of Bolzano

Project “Binario 1”

“Binario 1”, Track 1, indicates a network of citizens who are dedicated to supporting refugees. Dedicated people, also from our church, regularly help and ensure that the important challenge of immigration is treated as a public issue. We are the host for joint consultations of the network. Approximately 100- 200 refugees arrive daily to Bolzano station. In the beginning, in March 2015, they were only registered by the police station and then left alone. Citizens began to take care of them, offered them meals, personal hygiene products and clothes, and helped them finding their trains. These were the volunteers who soon called themselves Track 1.

The Evangelical Lutheran Community of Bolzano arranged a waiting hall for refugees where they are offered breakfast, hygiene products, warm clothes and shoes if needed. Those who stay longer can take a shower, rest and tell their stories. From the beginning, Feisal was our interpreter. He helped with English and French; then Basamba joined as well. They help to explain the procedures to the transients and provide a calming influence.

In the mornings, Red Cross staff arrives and works with our association to ensure all refugees have valid identification and get on the right trains.

Over time the assistance procedure at the station became more structured. The Province commissioned and coordinated the association, “Volontarius”. Track 1 is also part of the coordination team and has become involved in other reception centers, such as Tiesens, Nals or Meran.

We also provide language courses for immigrants. They can choose between Italian and German classes.

Currently our focus is on the homeless asylum seekers. The goal is to accommodate them in shelters during the day in order to provide protection from the cold. At the moment, they are not part of our social system, and they only ask for alms.


Evangelical Lutheran Community of Rome

Teddy bear project


For the last five years, every first Thursday of the month, about 80 mothers with small children come from Africa to our community to receive a pack of diapers, clothing and toys for their babies. This project is run by volunteers.

These women come from Central or Northern Africa. Generally they have been living in Rome for two to three years. Last year, more and more young women came from Libya and Afghanistan. We do not know in all cases how they managed to come to Italy. Some of them are refugees and others are looking for a better future. Hardly any of them can find work or appropriate accommodation. The main reason for this might be the fact that they hardly speak Italian. Most of them live with other people in small apartments in the suburbs. In most cases their husbands remained back in Africa. We work hard to provide diapers and clothes with practical advice to help them. It is particularly important that the children go to kindergarten as soon as possible and learn to speak Italian from an early age and to adapt to the Italian way of life.


Evangelical Lutheran community of Turin

Project “TAMPEP”

Turin is houses one of the youngest congregations of ELCI. It has no independent diaconal activities here, but it supports the work of other institutions, such as the organization TAMPEP.
The Tampep Association of Turin was founded in 1993 and recognized as an association on July 23, 2001.
The Association is a non-profit and non-political, which promotes interventions and actions, with a multidisciplinary approach, based on respect for the rights of vulnerable and socially discriminated people. The aim is to help them maintain their dignity, to facilitate their social integration and contribute to the reduction of criminality resulting from social decay.
Always iIn the implementation of its actions, the Tampep Association has always devoted particular attention to gender issues.
The organization maintains includes a contact point, where anyone can seek assistance without making an previous appointment. It conducts offers free legal advice, cultural mediation, accompaniment accompanied visits to local social -health services, street unit services of street units , semi-autonomous housing inclusion projects and counseling for voluntary assisted return.
TAMPEP maintains programs for the social support and integration of victims of trafficking who were abducted for the purpose of exploitation.
Furthermore, the association has holds awareness campaigns, as well as training, and research and action projects regarding the issue of gender violence.