Women NetWork - Chiesa Evangelica Luterana in Italia

Women NetWork

LogoFNW2The Women NetWork of ELCI was established in 1999 in Venice by the initiative of Bärbel Naeve, who was the synod-president at that time, in cooperation with WICAS. Dr. Brigitte Enzer-Probst was the representative for Western Europe. She was supported by the head of woman’s work in the GAW, Gisela Schafer. The founding members were from 12 communities, each with 2 delegates.

The Women NetWork serves to promote the development of women’s work in the communities and to strengthen the community of ELCI through mutual visitation and exchanges. The activities of the WNW (Women NetWork – originally Frauen Netzwerk=FNW) are open to all women. It organizes seminars, lectures, breakfasts and promotes continuing education. It is close to our heart to spread the idea of ​​the World Day of Prayer and to provide bilingual training materials, and also has a responsible group for these activities.

With regard to our focus on the ecumenical movement, the Women NetWork, sends a representative to the National Committee of the FDEI (Federazione delle Donne Evangeliche in Italia). Particular emphasis has been placed on the contact with the women’s department of the Lutheran World Federation (WICAS) based in Geneva. The organization has rules of procedure. The Women’s NetWork is divided into four regions, each coordinated by a Regional Officer. Every two years, two delegates invited from each community to the National Conference. This positions filled by election in every four years. The work of WNW is written in the Statute of ELCI and equipped with a household budget. The National Officer has a seat and the right to vote in the Synod.