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Claudiana Publisher House


For approximetely 150 years, the Claudiana has been the publisher house of the Protestant world in Italy. The firm established  in 1855 in Turin, after the Jews and Waldensians recived civil rights in Piemont in 1848.

The appellation goes back to Bishop Claudius (or Claude) of Turin, who lived in the 9th century. He was against the use of images, relics and crosses, and his commentaries show, his views prefigured the Protestant movement.

The Claudiana was the first publishing house in Italy, wich published the New Testament in Italian in 1860 and following it, the complete Holy Bible, Giovanni Diodati of Lucca version, from the 17th century.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Italy (ELCI ) has decided to donate a part of “otto per mille” found in the culture and for publishing. So it was the point, when ELCI itself became a part of Claudiana. The Claudiana re-established on 3 December 2004 in Turin, and finally it can continue its operation as a publishing house. The official start of its work was on 1 January 2005. Claudiana has retained its character and work as a non-profit organisation. The founding members are: the Evangelical Waldensian Church (previous owner of the bookstore of Claudiana – publishing and currently a dominant member), the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Italy (ELCI), the Union of Christian Evangelical Baptist Italy (UCEBI) and the Federation of United Methodist Churches in Italy (OPCEMI). With the accession of new members, Claudiana confirmed its original vocation as a publishing house of all historic Protestant churches in Italy.

The Claudiana disseminates and promotes Protestant ideas in Italy with a small number of annual publications (about 40 per year). Some notable works are:

  • The series of Selected Works of Luther, today important standard work in Italy, and also the selected works of the two reformers Calvin and Melanchthon;
  • The series “Strumenti” offers comments for almost all books of the Bible;
  • Editions for Sunday school and for youth, who have an interest in exchange programs.

One can choose between many different titles from the fields of theology, ethics and society. The first volume of narrative literature (Title: “Calamite”) published recently. Find all book titles online at or in a bookstore of the publisher. In addition to the publications, Claudiana offers the best literary narrative books as well as religious ones.


Via Francesco Sforza 12a, tel. e fax: 02 76 02 15 18, in cooperation with Centro Culturale Protestante di Milano


Borgo Ogni Santi 14/R, tel. and fax: 055 28 28 96,


Piazza Cavour 32, tel. and fax 06 322 54 93,


Via Principe Tommaso 1, tel. and fax: 011 669 24 58,

Torre Pellice (TO)

Piazza Libertà, tel. and fax: 0121 91 422,

Claudiana on-line Library

In addition to the bookstores listed above there is a Claudiana bookshop in Internet: