The Consistory - Chiesa Evangelica Luterana in Italia

The Consistory

The Consistory is the collegial body in charge of current activities and of the administration of the ELCI. Its tasks are defined in Article 22 of the ELCI statute. It is composed of the Dean (a pastor), who serves as the President, the Dean’s Deputy (pastor) and three lay members, among whom the Vice President and the Treasurer are elected. The members of the Consistory remain in office for four years and can be re-elected.

The Consistory is elected by the Synod of the ELCI, the sovereign body of the ELCI which debates and decides on all matters of ecclesial life.The consistory works closely with the Deanery and the ELCI administrative offices on management and organisational issues and meets every two months to make decisions on the activities of the Church. The responsibilities of the Consistory include the progress of the congregations, staff, training, conferences of pastors and presidents, diaconal and ecumenical activities, finances (budget, taxes, the eight per thousand tax), organisation of the Synod and of Synodal commissions as well as relations with institutions abroad.