A.L.S.I. Academy of Lutheran Studies in Italy - Chiesa Evangelica Luterana in Italia

A.L.S.I. Academy of Lutheran Studies in Italy

The Academy of Lutheran Studies in Italy (ALSI) established on 16 May in Rome. The legal seat is in the Lutheran church of Venice, but ALSI works in all Italy. This is a church independent association, which contributes to the knowledge of Luther and his theology in Italy and would like connect people with similar interest.

Such an association, the utmost important, not only because Luther is not well known in Italy, but also because the few people, who deal with the Reformer, are from different areas (like Waldensian Faculty, Catholic universities, state universities, churches, Claudiana etc.), which means difficult access to their research results.

The ALSI gives connection and also can help to make their work more known to the public. Besides collecting the information and contact the interested ones, ALSI also wants to contribute actively in the study and dissemination of Luther’s theology. For example the research we presented at a theological conference in the beginning of 2012.

Logo ASLIDue to this, we are going to make a selection of the most important international researches in every topic. All texts going to be translated into Italian with the lectures of theological conferences and will publish (first publication in 2013).

So ALSI is going to have a book series that makes the most valuable contributions of Luther-research in Italy, which is accessible and combined with the Italian point of view. A theological seminary is the dissemination of knowledge, which offered annually, and organized in cooperation with ELCI. The first seminar was from 23 to 25 September 2011 in Rome and led by Paolo Ricca, Franco Buzzi, Alberto Saggese and Dieter Kampen. It is also planned to make a yearbook, with a summary of the presentations, reviews, announcements and other useful information of the Theological Seminary. The website  serves as a platform to disseminate information. Initially the funding comes through donations and contributions, but in the future we are going to be able to apply for “5 per Mille” and for public funds. For organizational reasons, the association was initially founded by the members of the first Board, including the well-known Prof. Paolo Ricca, director of the series ” Lutero Opere Scelte”, and Franco Buzzi, Prefect (Head) of the Venerable Ambrosian Library in Milan. With these two names the academic level is secured, and the doors to the university and ecclesiastical world are open. In The Executive Board there are also Giorgio Ruffa from Venice (President), Anna Belli from Rome (Treasurer) and Dieter Kampen from Trieste (Vice President). As a second step, we had an announcement of the establishment, to arouse interest towards ALSI and to recruit members. I am pleased that we are members of the ELCI institution and I hope that many readers and communities will follow this example. To become a member of ALSI is in fact the most important measure to support this initiative.

Pastor Dieter Kampen, Trieste 

For all those who have an interest to be an ALSI member – individuals, but also bodies such as churches, congregations, foundations and other institutions:

The contribution for membership: 40 EUR/person; Students: 20 EUR; Sustaining Member: 60 EUR member institution (churches, communities etc.): 300 EUR. Here you can find the form: www.studiluterani.it, in “Come iscriversi alla ASLI” Please complete and return to: Dieter Kampen c/o Comunità Evangelica Luterana Via S. Lazzaro, 19 34122 Trieste