Becoming a member (of the ELCI) - Chiesa Evangelica Luterana in Italia

Becoming a member (of the ELCI)

The ELCI consists of 15 congregations located across Italy where people live their evangelical faith. Each congregation covers a vast area and anyone living within that area can become a member. To do so, they need to present an official application. Information about the actual application procedure and on whether a contribution is to be paid to the specific congregation is provided by the pastor of the congregation itself or by the members of the Church Council.

As a general rule, anyone can become a member of an ELCI congregation provided that:


  • they were baptised or confirmed in that congregation
  • they are evangelical and come from another evangelical congregation (in Italy or abroad)
  • they want to commit to the evangelical faith.
  • In this latter case, the congregations provide theological and spiritual support so as to allow them to make a motivated and free decision.


As per the ELCI statute and the statutes of its congregations, members have rights and obligations. The former include the right to vote and the possibility to exercise functions and be appointed for managerial tasks.

Furthermore, members are entitled to spiritual assistance, a church wedding and funeral service.