Turin - Chiesa Evangelica Luterana in Italia




Via Torricelli 66 – 10129 Torino

Tel: 011 4341609


Letter Community


S. Antonio da Padova

via S. Antonio da Padova, 7 – 10121 Torino

SERVICES: from September till June every second week


Heiner A. Bludau


The services in our congregation are generally in Italian or in German. Of course, we are also available for all official acts (baptism, confirmation, wedding, funeral), if they are taking place in Piedmont or in the neighbouring region of Aosta Valley.

The congregation of Turin offers some other regular events beyond the church services, that we would like to describe briefly below. For the dates, please read our newsletter!

German night

Once a month, on Mondays, from 20.30, we meet (in Via Torricelli 66) in the evening for an opinion and information exchange about diverse topics: the Bible, Martin Luther, Christianity and other religions, but also current issues that are important from a Christian perspective. These discussions are in German. Our opinions and informations come from different backgrounds. Overcoming our inner weaknesses, after dinner (again) leave the house in order to talk with others about “God and the World”, it is worth a try!

Italian afternoon

Once in a month, in the afternoon, between 16.00 and 18.00 we discuss a religious topic in Italian. For the quite extensive discussion, we meet in Via Torricelli 66, to deal with common issues of the Bible, Faith and Christianity in everyday life and thereby work out the specifics of Lutheranism. Our Pastor, Heiner Bludau, guarantees the theological base and the “soul” of the event is our Ernesta Vollmer De Luca.

Kids in the Community

Parents and their children have a chance to spend an afternoon (on Saturday from 16.00 unitill 18.00) together. Through songs, stories, games and creative activities, children can learn about Jesus and discover a lot more in our church.

Normally, the meetings are in the hall next to the church of Sant’Antonio da Padova in Torino, because we can stay there regardeless of the weather and also we have space for active games. However, there may be other venues, such as outdoors in the summer. Anyway, but especially in the “Kekspause” (“cookie-break”), parents can exchange views and ideas with each other.

Since October 2010 we have had a group called “Annette & Annette”. Responsible person: Annette Riehl (Tel. 011-9928881, E-Mail: ioannette@inwind.it), details of the Programmes: Annette Hagels-Bludau.

Confi- Group 

The meetings take place once or twice a month, on Saturday mornings between 10.00 -12.00. For further information, please contact Pastor Heiner Bludau: Phone 011-43 41 609 or mobile 320 679 02 75

A Group for schoolchildren 

After all, we have an age group in between the kids- and confi-group.

It would be nice to form a group of schoolchildren, who can prepare them for confirmation later together. Dear Parents of children in the “right” age – please do not wait until Pastor Bludau appeals to you directly, but spontaneously express your wishes regarding the appropriate dates or any other ideas!


Take some native Italian or German speakers, they gather once a month on a Friday evening at the parish house (or even at the house of someone from the congregation). One of the gentlemen buys the ingredients for the planned menu, this event is an excellent opportunity for the male members of the congregation for cooking and socialize. Due to the logistical preparation (shopping for the right number of people), anyone who has an interest in this event must register by phone no later than two days before the dinner. This Turin speciality is not really a Piemonteese invention, but comes from a Basque country and was introduced here by Pastor Helmut Frost. After the pastorate of  Thomas E. Fuchs, now it is also available with Pastor Heiner Bludau. So now the third Turin pastor “at the men cooking pot”.  Well, have you got a taste fot it?
Sign up two days before each, in Pastor Heiner Bludau:
Phone: 011-43 41 609 or mobile 320 679 02 75