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Michael Jonas


The Evangelic-Lutheran Community in Rome


The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Rome has nearly 200 years of history. It started when Christian Josias Bunsen was appointed Prussian minister to the Vatican in 1817, and he gave a place to celebrate the Reformation at the home of the Secretary of the Prussian embassy in the Holy See. The desire  for private worship in the German language was felt. In addition, the participants made a request for celebrating the 400th anniversary of the Reformation in 1917, which should be celebrated in their own church in Rome by their grandchildren.

However, this request was not possible in the city of the Pope. But other approaches were possible. So the Prussian King, Friedrich Wilhelm III, in 1819, sent the first Protestant minister – Heinrich Eduard Schmieder – to Rome. After Christian Bunsen himself became Prussian envoy, he also set up a separate room as a chapel on the ground floor of his house – the Palazzo Caffarelli on the Capitoline Hill. In this manner, under the protection of the Prussian legation, the Protestant church services were celebrated for the next hundred years in Rome.


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