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Via Marco De Marchi 9 – 20121 Milano

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Via Marco De Marchi

Via Marco De Marchi 9 – 20121 Milan

Services: every Sunday from 10.00 a.m.


Johannes de-Fallois and Anne Stempel-de-Fallois (calv.)Johannes de-Fallois and Anne Stempel-de-Fallois (calv.)

Foto: Jens Schierenbeck/Studio Gleis 11


The Christian Protestant Church in Milan (CPCM) was established in 1850, for French and German Reformists from Switzerland and for Lutherans from Germany. Before, the services were celebrated in private homes. In 1864 the church was established and it is still in the centre of our community life.

In recent decades, the church has opened to the Italian context and now it is a respected partner in the religious and cultural life in Milan.

The congregation has two pastors: a Lutheran and a Calvinist, so that both Protestant traditions are represented in proclamation, pastoral care, theology and spirituality in German and in Italian.
The church services are on Sunday (excluding the summer break) from 10.00 a.m. in Milan. The services are generally in German and in Italian and there are some other bilingual opportunities (Eg: confirmation classes for youth).

Other services:

  • In nursing home “La Residenza” in Malnate/VA (usually once a month in Italian, except summer break)
  • As well as in the church of San Defendente in Cerro di Laveno (VA), the district Ceresolo (bilingual generally; 2 on Christmas Day, on Easter Monday and during the months of July and August).

The CPCM has numerous spiritual, social and cultural activities. These include both regularly scheduled meetings such as a Women’s circle, religious courses, services for children, as well as lectures and ecumenical encounters, which give an input to the cultural life of Milan. The visit-service takes care of lonely and needy people. A great attraction is the Christmas Markt around the church in Via Marco De Marchi the first weekend of Advent.

A special reputation has been gained by its concerts for the community. The “Tamburini organ” is considered one of the best instruments in Northern Italy and than the concerts or the choir of the congregation, the Mailänder Kantorei, that performs mainly the works of J.S. Bach, are very apreciated.

Since April 2011, the congregation has opened a Garden of faith , who wants to be a sign of reflection as well as of the preservation and care of creation in the bustling city.

The Christian Protestant Church in Milan is a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Italy (ELCI). In addition, it is members of Swiss Protestant Churches (SEK).

The congregation is in ecumenical dialogue with both the Protestant sister churches as well as with the Ambrosian Catholic Church. It is one of the founding members of the Council of Christian Churches of Milan (since 1998) and the Forum of Religions of Milan (since 2006).

For more information, see our current church newsletter on our website or come in our pastoral office (Monday to Friday between 9.30 – 12.30).

The community has three Pastors: the Lutheran is Pastor Nora Foeth, and the Reformed is Pastor Johannes de Fallois and his wife Anne Stempel-de-Fallois.


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