Ispra - Varese - Chiesa Evangelica Luterana in Italia

Ispra – Varese


Ispra – Varese

Via IV Novembre 12 – 21034 Cocquio Trevisago, Loc. Caldana (VA)

Tel: 0332 700371
Fax: 0332 700371

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Via IV Novembre

Via IV Novembre 12 – 21034 Cocquio Trevisago Loc. Caldana (VA)

Services: every Sunday from 10.30 am


Magdalena Tiebel-Gerdes und Carsten Gerdes

The Evangelical Ecumenic Community in Ispria Varese – Chiesa San Giovanni

A church in the countryside, with view of Lake Maggiore, in the neighbourhood of the national park “Campo dei Fiori” – that’s us, the Evangelical – Ecumenical Community of Ispra Varese!

In the early ’60s, the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Comission (EC), built the EURATOM in Ispra, next to Lake Maggiore. After a while, some protestant researchers started to feel a desire to establish a religious home here.

This new community wanted to reflect the diversity of the Protestant traditions, and because of this gave it a rather unusual name, “Evangelical Ecumenical”, was selected.

Thus, initially the community consisted of French-, German-and Dutch-speaking groups.

A few years ago, these three language groups were merged into a single group, as the French and the Dutch groups decreased in numbers. Today, there are approximately 250 members of the community, they live scattered in Varese and the Province of Varese. In addition to the researchers (and their families) of the JRC of the European Comission there are numerous other Protestant people from different countries who live here for various reasons (business, personal motives etc.)

The colorful community life consists of different groups and circles, ranging from toddlers, through children (“waldkinder”) to adolescents and adults. The central point is the weekly church service on Sunday and once in a month also in Dutch language, which is a nice time to meet and talk before the next time.