Pastoral Office


Via Maranelli, 7 – 70125 Bari

Tel:   080 5021317

Letter Community


Chiesa Evangelica Valdese

Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 138 – 70122 Bari
Services: on the second Sunday of the month, from 17.00 p.m. The services are bilingual. Every second month there is a service for children.


Kirsten Thiele

Cel: 348-7765612

Project of Evangelization

A welcome to stay with us!

Bari is not an independent community yet, but has an Evangelization project with the goal of creating a community for numerous Evangelical Lutheran Christians in Puglia. Until then, there is a mixed group of Bari-Puglia, which belongs to the municipality of Naples.

The head of the project is a retired pastor, Kirsten Thiele. He works together with two men and women from the community as “provisional church leadership.” This group has no legal decision-making power, but it brings together many ideas and enthusiasm to the Evangelical Lutheran Christians in Puglia.

The community welcomes everyone who has interest in our programs; there is easy access to ecumenism.

There are numerous activities in the community:

Once a month there is a bilingual (German and Italian) church service in the Waldensian Church of Bari, and every second month a church service for children.

There are two groups with the aim of discussing biblical-theological topics. One of the groups only for women and it is part of the “Women’s NetWork” of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Italy.

Additionally there are seasonal activities: at Easter time in 2012, for example we had an Easternight church service in the open air, and we had combined trips as well.

For further information Pastor Kirsten Thiele is at your disposal.

We look forward to meeting you!