ELCI Study Trip - Chiesa Evangelica Luterana in Italia

ELCI Study Trip

Travels in Luther’s Sites

Eisenach, Wittenberg, Erfurt, Weimar and other historical places of the German Protestanism are the objectives of these trips, which are organized by ELCI, to get deeper knowledge about the Father of the Reformation and the cultural environment where he worked. The trips are guided in Italian and held in summer or fall. The journey from Italy to Germany is self-organized, but when the participants arrive to Germany, the transfers by train or bus, in between different locations, are organized for the whole group.

Travels in Bach’s Places

The one who knows what is the Reformation, also knows that it represents not only a religious revolution, but also a profound cultural change. A change in philosophical-religious context, always has an impact on other areas of human existence, especially politically and culturally.
Therefore, the ELCI, has organized almost every yeear since 2008 a trip to the places where the “son” of the Lutheran Reformation, Johann Sebastian Bach, lived and worked.
This touristic and cultural activity targets the Italian-speaking audience, and it is partially funded by “otto per mille”.

For further information, please see the Italian and German pages.